the Shameless Girls (and ladies) of Downton Abbey

Though I have eliminated quite a few shows over the past year or two, I watch too much television. Like many other viewers I watch to escape while relating. Sometimes I find shows predictable; I cannot even watch previews as they allow me to predict too much of what will or may happen, thus eliminating my interest. As thinking affects dreams and dreams affect my writing, my thoughts were on the women of television and then my dreams and now in this very case, my writing follows.

I had a dream that these women found themselves in the same world. With all the other competition and survival shows out there, my mind took it to another level. Who would survive among them? Some by the nature of the show, have shown their ability to overcome, regardless of circumstance. I make no ultimate resolutions here but really have enjoyed thinking about the scenario.

Suppose Fiona (Emmy Rossum) from Showtime’s Shameless, Hannah (Lena Dunham) from HBO’s Girls, and the women (Crawley Ladies and their staff especially including the cutthroat character of Ms. O’Brien and the heart of Anna) of PBS’s Downton Abbey all were to collide in some version of an existence.

Fiona and Hannah live in present day and are surviving. Granted Hannah’s struggles through relationships and finding herself may not linearly compare to Fiona’s financial, child-rearing, and the battle of both of those versus her own desires to live HER life. The Crawleys are from a different time and place and ultimately have someone else to take care of their problems. However, I wouldn’t want to challenge any of them individually.

If these women were to rule to world, the Crawleys would be in charge but Fiona would get the shit done while Hannah kept things exciting and entertaining. If they were to battle royale for leadership, I’d put my money on Fiona; unless of course, the Crawleys had the help of their staff and Hannah was accompanied by Marnie (Allison Williams; sorry couldn’t talk about Girls at all without mentioning her).

Of course, this entire scenario only includes the shows airing currently; excluding the powerhouses of Carrie (Clare Danes) from Showtime’s Homeland, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) from Showtime’s Dexter or ANY of the leading ladies from HBO’s Game of Thrones. None of whom should be taken lightly; maybe it’s best not to involve them just yet.

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