miscellaneous monday: MY day

Though I like to have this up and ready to read first thing in the morning, today’s post was delayed till after lunch. I am only now typing what I wrote in a Moleskin earlier today. I only mention that the entry was handwritten because it so handsomely suited today’s topic.

Disappointingly, I have forgotten my charger for the laptop. Sure my computer has some juice and maybe even enough to get me through today’s work (or a couple hours at least) but since I am writing about free-writing, I would like to use a freer form of writing and actually, well, write. Even on this page alone (referring to the Moleskin without lines), I can see the freedom begin to take shape. Words find more space and lines are less regimented and less compact, and my hand is able to really let itself go.

In this blog, Mondays have been set aside as Miscellaneous. Yes! Freedom! Write about the single thing you want to write about the most that particular day. Well with that independence of structure comes a responsibility, a bit of a price. I now must make a choice; What shall I write about? Fridays are for fiction. I write a new piece and post what i have – continue the piece the next Friday, should I need. Wednesdays are for food, music, and culture. To date, i have appreciated the freedom to write on any of them but also ( and maybe even more so) enjoyed knowing what to expect from myself. My Mondays have had the miscellaneous moniker but have really found a form. I could even call my mondays, MY Mondays. I have posted about MY desire to write more, MY favorite coffee shop, MY lust for a particular duffle – MY bicycle – MY definition of suburbs – MY physical state (which in turn “showed” how that state affects my mental/writing state). Now I understand that this is MY blog and all posts will pertain to MY beliefs, dreams, desires, attentions, and feelings BUT maybe I could narrow the field. Miscellaneous Mondays are less miscellaneous and more distinctly “what has affected or motivated me the most lately?”

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