Michael gives Jennifer a call to tell her what’s going on. He gets her voicemail instead and just asks her to call him back. Typically, he would have loved the excuse of having an actual situation as a way out of a date. However, unlike the many other girls that he’s entertained lately, he really wanted to see Jennifer again.


Inside the hospital, they run scans and tests on Jack.

Jack really likes this new world he has landed in. It seems all around brighter than the one he has just left. He does not remember the journey though. It is as if he just transported. This looks like it could be… Vegas!! There are bright lights bursting through the darkness. His friends surround him, no wait, just people that look like they want to be his friends. He isn’t able to make out any faces in particular and certainly cannot recall any names. All the same, everyone appears to be very busy and having a good time.


Michael hates seeing someone like this. The doctors were certain the guy would wake soon. How do people corral around loved ones and watch them? He didn’t even know this young man and was having a hard time. The doctors had let him stay, simply because they didn’t have anyone else to call or any other way to identify the “injured party.” Michael didn’t like that they used those words – it was just one man and they knew his injuries.

He turns on the televisions to distract his mind. It is almost 10:00, the news is wrapping up and the Powerball numbers will be announced soon. After all that had happened since he bought his tickets he had nearly forgotten about it. He glances over at the young man – he most certainly has no recollection of any lottery. Michael knew the young man had a ticket because that is all they found on the poor guy. He grabbed it from the bedside table and followed along with his tickets as well.


He looked at the numbers on the tickets.


After each number was called he could eliminate another row.


He sits the single ticket back down on the table as none of the numbers matched to this point. Only one row on his tickets had all three right so far.


Oh man…


Say 14, oh my God say 14

And the Powerball number is –


Jack sits up. “Hospital?” He asks as if he is trying to pronounce the word for the first time. Michael has just leapt out of the chair. Their eyes meet.

Jack continues, “What? Who?”

“You’re awake?”

“What’s going on?”

“Slow down, take a few breaths and I’ll fill you in.”

“Who are you?“

“Don’t worry; we never knew each other. I don’t even know who you are now, except for a young man that held the door open for me, whom was then hit by a car that then drove off.”


“You only had a lottery ticket, no ID or phone on you. So I stayed, just in case.”

“I’m Jack.”

“Jack, I’m Michael. And you are going to be okay.”

“Well, physically maybe but I don’t have insurance. I barely make enough to live day to day plus have fun every now and then. My bike is my transportation and it needs to be fixed too.”

“You’re going to be okay. You won the lottery.”

“Ha! Where are the cameras?”

“Slightly before the accident you purchased a lottery ticket and one of your many tickets had the winning combination.”

“One of? But I just had the one ticket?”

Michael hands him his ticket, winks and says, “You’re going to be okay.”

As he gets up to leave, he gets a text from Jennifer – Sorry I missed your call but I’ve got a strange situation, I know it’s late but call me when you get a chance.


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