miscellaneous monday: three little things

ONE: I’m a number nerd. I get a little excited when I see that is 11:11 or 2:17 (my birthday) and the dates come together like 1 + 12 = 13 or 1 x 13 = 13.  Okay maybe get excited is not the right wording; I don’t throw a party or call everyone I know. It does make me smile though. Yesterday I smiled when I ran 13.1 miles on 1.13. At least that part of the run made me smile. Coming off of snowboarding last week, my legs were still a little heavy; the temperature and wind threw me off as well. Excuses aside, I finished in 1:36:36 and they still gave me a medal. The race taught me that every race deserves its own attention and training; can’t rely on past accomplishments to get you through the next one.

TWO: I’m sick. Well sick might lead one to believe that I am contagious but what I do know is that something is not right. This could be, and I hope it is, just allergies. I do have some fluid in my chest and a violent cough that is onset with great exhalations, like when I laugh. It disappeared for about a week and a half while I was out of town but it’s return coincided with my return to Austin. I think it is allergy-induced asthma; others have said chronic bronchitis or walking pneumonia. So today I go, where few men have ever gone before, to the doctor.

THREE: Mondays are my Saturdays. By this I mean that I have the day off. It is my day to catch up on errands, bills, writing, reading, news, music, and even in my relationships. As a writer, I make my own schedule; the only schedule I have that is made for me is when I work as a massage therapist at Lifetime Fitness – W, Th, Fr and every other Saturday. This is pretty ideal but has been known to invoke jealousy. It is the life I have chosen: one that allows me to stay connected, work without working too hard, “dream and not make dreams [my] master, think and not make thoughts [my] aim”* and still have a meaningful occupation that helps others.

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