Special Edition: writing away twenty twelve and into twenty thirteen

Last year, was an all around good year for me.  Here is the run-down without a list format (though, when listed, the order is significant) or play-by-play: I traveled and partied more, ate better, cooked more, read more and wrote more.  I was introduced to ghostwriting by working on a memoir project and I also began this blog.

Travel (each deserve and almost require their own entry but not happening now):

Scotland with Lindsey, enjoyed seeing and spending time out in the beautiful country, trying dozens of whiskies, and learned a little too.


Portland for Hood to Coast with Zach and the North Meck CC team of days-gone-by. This was my first trip to Oregon and first distance relay. On top of meeting new people and seeing new places, I ran the most difficult and (after a fire changed the route) longest leg of the team.


Roommate Jacob and I took a baseball trip to the northeast. We began in DC (had good times with company – especially Jack Rose with it’s many whiskies and company there), and then took the train to (and caught games in) Baltimore –Philadelphia – New York, where we also met new people, experienced tornado/thunderstorm while on the Brooklyn bridge and watched the Yankees destroy the Red Sox.


My younger brother, JD, and I went to New Orleans for our first ½ Ironman which had the swim cancelled (his strength) and replaced with a run (my strength), I finished ahead of him by close to 2 minutes.


My good friend Jena and I went to England and France with a group of 41 ten to twelve year olds. This was exciting to see the kids recognize the things they had learned in history and interact socially.

Musically, I was most impressed with new albums from Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, The Black Keys, Little Hurricane and The First Aid Kit.

Food: New to me restaurants (including the food and the experience ranked as such: Uchi (Austin, with Brian who got a “Boom! Much love discount” because he works at Uchiko, & Houston, with Lindsey – where we had the server takes us on a food adventure), Pass & Provisions (Houston, with Lindsey, both sides –Pass, Chef’s tasting and Provisions, menu), and Clark’s (Austin, solo)


Running: In February, I ran a PR in Austin 3:24. Then in October ran another PR at Chosen Marathon in New Braunfels 3:17.

In family matters, the year witnessed my grandmother turn 90, dad turn 60, and the birth of new niece.

What’s next?


JD and I just returned from a 5-day snowboarding trip in Winter Park, CO, I will run a ½ marathon this Sunday, Lindsey and I have a trip to Playa del Carmen in the works for the end of the month and my next marathon is in Vancouver in May. My uncle Pat will set sail to circumnavigate the globe, I hope to join him if schedules allow. Also would like to make a return to the great outdoors in general – backpacking, snowboarding, climbing, etc. Essentially, I plan to add to everything that made last year so good, making this year even better.

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