In Austin, we don’t get much of a winter. I remember the first time that I heard about the winters here. I was out at soccer practice in November of 2005, several of the other coaches were talking about a cold front that was coming through. I said, certainly and condescendingly, “Guys, it’s not a cold front but a season – winter and it’ll be here a while.” They knowingly shook their heads, in a bless your heart sort of way, and said it would last about three days. Sure enough, that next Monday the temps were back up in the 80’s.

Chad’s post on Facebook reminded me of that story and the humorous way that Austinites deal with cooler temps. Yesterday, mind you it had already warmed up to the mid-40’s, I noticed people flocking to Starbucks bundled up like these characters:

randy-snow-suit-a-christmas-story-2LH babyIMG_1517

As a runner, I enjoy the cooler weather but when it gets below 40 I throw on my running tights. Lindsey found humor in my attire (maybe more the fact that I just wear tights – no baggy shorts overtop); she has even started planning a new event “tights in the heights”. It’ll be tough to organize though because you never know when it will be cold enough, maybe that’ll make it all the more entertaining – wearing them while the weather is still warm. Either way, I’ll be sure to post some pictures of that one.

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