miscellaneous monday: bicycle

For the past several months I have been on the hunt for a commuter bike. I was easily able to find one or two that caught my eye but there was always something I didn’t quite like about it. Some of them were too small while other had the shifters on the lower part of the frame. I decided to sit down and chart out exactly what I desired. As I made my list, things like brand and color fell behind other qualities.

I wanted vintage look and feel, classic but still easy to use – shifters in a convenient comfortable location. Additionally it would be best for it to be affordable yet well cared for. A good fit would be the final requirement.


On Craigslist, I read that there is a 58cm (I’m tall, so this is good.) Motobecane – army green – in mostly original condition with new shifter cables and tires. The body doesn’t hide the fact that this bike is indeed used but it is listed for only $125. ((Looks awfully similar to the Merriam-Webster diagramed bike))

I immediately claim it and arranged the meet up. I ended up paying only $100 and found a couple other things to love about the bike.  It has two set of brake on the handlebars, one is in the front of the curl bar when you are in the tuck position like most road bikes but the other, icing on the cake pair of brakes are horizontally lined up with the top of the handlebar, where your hands usually sit while comfortable commuting versus hauling ass.


Though I love my new-to-me bike I may soon make some upgrades: brown leather seat and rewrap the handlebars with matching leather. Oh the places we’ll go.

*image from Visual Dictionary

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