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For the past year I have consistently, increasingly become a better eater. This means eating on a regular basis and adding vegetables to those meals. I have also cut down on processed foods and sugars. With such a life adjustment comes the need to actually cook some of my own meals. For those that knew me even two years ago – my cooking vegetables is more of a feat than dozen marathons I’ve run. A couple times a month, this blog will feature these feast feats.

Because this particular dish was recently requested, I decided to trace it back to its roots. Back in August, Lindsey wanted me to cook her dinner. I immediately knew I would grill her a rib eye, but wasn’t quite sure what my sides would be. Typically, I would grill my vegetables too and most of the time they would be zucchini and squash. I still wanted to grill but wanted something new, wanted a wow factor. I then look around online for other ideas and came across sweet potatoes. A couple different recipes appealed to me and I took what I liked from each and came up with this:

Wash sweet potatoes

Boil till easily pierced with a fork

Allow them to cool

Slice long ways


½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon chili powder

½ teaspoon paprika (or blend incl. paprika)

1 teaspoon salt

mix dry ingredients together then add

¼ cup olive oil – mix again

Brush on

Grill (till quality indentations on each side)

Delicious to me, quite a hit with Lindsey and has even been requested by others since.

Happy Eating!

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