miscellaneous monday: Cenote

Cenote. (seh-noh-tay) a deep natural well, commonly found in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan civilization was built around cenotes, which remain to be the main source of potable water for the region.

I took the above from the “about” section of their website. They chose this name because there is still a well on the property. I like to think of it as a “local watering hole” so to speak.

I am learning more and more about coffee lately. Like other recent successes in running, mood and sleep, I must give credit to my diet. For one, I am eating less sugar, which means no sugar in my coffee. This has opened a whole new world for me. By not adding anything, I am able to depict some of the tasting notes. Coffee is now on the list of things I can enjoy like wine, single-malts and beer.

My favorite, lately, is Cuvee Coffee’s Las Mingas. It is described as having “Milk chocolate aroma, lavender and brown sugar. Creamy body with a whiskey and pear finish.” For the most part I am able to detect many of these aromas and flavors. At Cenote, they prepare it as a single brew pour over – which is becoming my preferred method.

I also like the atmosphere at Cenote. They have a good indoor and ample outdoor space for one to set up shop for the day or comfortably visit with friends. As you’ll notice in their menu, they have wine and beer in addition to a number of in-house-prepared meals. I can personally vouch for the breakfast tacos, the pulled pork sandwich and the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They have many other gluten-free and “whatever-your-fill-in-the-blank” diet friendly foods as well.

Finally, Cenote has won my heart because of their location, just east of I-35 on Cesar Chavez. The food is local, they compost, and provide ample places to park your bike. Though I’m not there today, I usually am on Mondays. Stop by, you wont regret it.



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