miscellaneous monday: cyber…

I suppose it is best to have this ready to read in the morning, like the newspaper. I’ll try to make that my standard, or at least come up with a standard. When do people read blogs: morning, lunch, when they get that 2:30 feeling, after work, all of the above? Is there a way I can track that? Should I track that? So much newness, so many questions. Back to standard, I’d like for Mondays to become  “Miscellaneous Monday.” This will most likely create a problem of my then having to narrow down my topic choice for a given day. Of course, I could write about multiple topics on a Misc Mon should the need arise.

Today is Cyber-Monday, the day that you can get all the great deals and discounts with free shipping.  I must admit that I was able to make some online purchases, saving plenty. But who wants, what they can have, right? The purchase that has my mind all tangled in Christmas lights is the one that I couldn’t make.

This morning I went to see what Killspencer was doing for Cyber-Monday so I could purchase this http://killspencer.com/weekender/korean-war-era-weekender-2-0.html

I was greeted by a great deal, 20% off. Perfect I thought, wonderful you might agree BUT this deal was for Black Friday Weekend ONLY… meaning it ended yesterday. That’s right, my Cyber-Monday gift from them was the regret of not visiting their sight only hours earlier.

I did e-mail them with my dilemma with very high hopes of them replying, “Why OF COURSE we will extend the discount!!” but this was obviously not the case. Don’t get me wrong!! I still very much desire this bag and admire its design. Here is what some friends of mine had to say about it http://www.carryology.com/2011/08/17/drive-by-killspencer-weekender-2-0/ However, without a helping hand (discount), it will remain financially just out of my reach.

…and KUDOS to them for not always discounting their craftsmanship.

Happy (regret-free) shopping to you all.


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